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Find all latest govt jobs in uttar pradesh for the year 2015. Updated list of vacancies in government of uttar pradesh. Uttar Pradesh (UP) is one of the state of India. It is located in the Northern part of Indian Region. The capital of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow. The state of Uttar Padesh is surrounded by Rajasthan on the western side, Haryana and Delhi to the North western side, Uttarakhand and Nepal towards the Northern part, Bihar to the Eastern side, Jharkhand at South east, Chhattisgarh to the South and Madhya Pradesh on the South western part. The language that is most widely used by the people of Uttar Pradesh is Hindi. The state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the popular states in India, it is even popular for its subdivision in the world. The state has largest network of railways.


Uttar Pradesh was formed in the year 1937 and was named as United Province, it was later named as Uttar Pradesh in the year 1950. Previously the Capital of Uttar Pradesh was Allahabad and later it was changed to Lucknow in the year 1920. In the second battle which took place at Panipat, Uttar Pradesh came under the rule of Emperor Akbar.



Uttar Pradesh cover an area of about 243,290 square kilometers (93,935 sq mi). It is one of the fourth largest state in India.



The State of Uttar Pradesh is divided into 75 districts. The main districts of Uttar Pradesh include Allahabad, Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Azamgarh,Lucknow and Kanpur. The new districts such as Prabuddha Nagar, Panchsheel Nagar and Bhim Nagar which were recently added made it to 75 districts. When compared to other states of India, Up has got many meteropolitan cities.


Population Density:

It occupies largest population in its State with an increase in the growth rate of population. It is among the most densely populated state of India. The poverty is more in this state. According to to community wise, it constitutes about 79% Hindus, 10% Muslims and others such as Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains and Christains as 1%


The Uttar Pradesh Government hold about 80 seats in Lok Sabha and about 35 seats in Rajya Sabha. The first Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was Govind Ballabh Pant. The present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is Akhilesh Yadav since the year 2015 and is a memeber of Samajwadi Party.

Economic Status:

Uttar Pradesh ranks at the third largest position in its economic status. The major occupation of the people of Uttar Pradesh is Agriculture. The Financial Corporation of Uttar Pradesh was formed in the year 1954.

Climatic Conditions:

The climate of Uttar Pradesh is humid. The winter season comes in the month of January and February, Summers in March to May and Rainy Season in the month of June to September. The temperature is summer season ranges between 0 degree celsius to about 50 degree celsius.


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